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6/27/2012 Fukushima report prompts anger at TEPCO meeting

Source: ABC Radio Australia
Date: 27 June 2012, 11:53 AEST
In its report, TEPCO denies ever hiding information, blames the government for confusion and delays, and rejects suggestions it ever downplayed the seriousness of the meltdowns. (Credit: Reuters)
Anger against the company has intensified, after it released an in-house report into the disaster, in which it denies ever hiding information and blames the Japanese Government for confusion and delays.
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6/27/2012 Fukushima operator to be nationalized

Source: RT News
Date: 27 June, 2012, 14:16
Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s (Tepco) Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant in Okuma Town, Fukushima Prefecture (AFP Photo / Tomohiro Ohsumi)
Shareholders of Japan’s Tepco power company, which operates the troubled Fukushima nuclear plant, have approved the nationalization of the company through a $12.58 billion cash injection from the Government.
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6/25/2012 Fukushima Selling local FISH, Free Tea, & Reactor 4 Bulging Update

Date: Published on Jun 25, 2012
Editor's Note: I love the unique video editing.

6/25/2012 Experts warn of another disaster awaiting at Fukushima

Source: ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) News 7.30
Date: June 25, 2012 21:04:00
by: Leigh Sales, Mark Willacy
Japanese and US nuclear experts warn that another earthquake hitting Fukushima could spark a disaster worse than Chernobyl.

6/25/2012 Radioactive “Dirt” Hits Tokyo

Source: Washington's Blog
Date: June 25, 2012

Tokyo Residents: Don’t Touch the Black or Blue Dirt

Fukushima has been decimated by radiation.

But Fukushima City has less than 300,000 residents.  And all of Fukushima prefecture has 2 million.  On the other hand, greater Tokyo – the world’s largest megacity – has 35 million inhabitants.

Tokyo soil has been blanketed by Fukushima radiation, even though the Japanese capital is 170 miles from the Fukushima nuclear complex. Indeed, officials just found “high levels” of radiation at 13 of 14 areas tested in a Tokyo public park.

Now, substances with even higher levels of radiation are showing up around Tokyo.
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

6/22/2012 85.03 μSv/h Mud in Fukushima City

Date: 6/22/2012 upload date

Editor's Note: The air measurement mentioned in the video description of .45 μSv/h is roughly 4.5 times as high as other parts of Japan, if we assume .1 μSv/h is "normal".  85 μSv/h would then be 850x the normal air reading by this metric.

Video Description
Spread ! Please share.
On 23 June 2012, I measured radiation at a riverside of WATARASE river in Fukushima city of Fukushima prefecture, Japan.

The monitoring point is central area of Fukushima city, near the bridge of national road route 4 across the river, only 200m for Fukushima prefectural government office, and 55km from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear power plant.

There are rain water drainage ditchs into ABUKUMA river from "WATARI", a housing area of Fukushima city.

I monitored 0.45 micro Sievert per hour in air at my breast hight of the river water's edge.
15.70 in air at 100cm high near mud of the drainage ditch, 85.03 micro Sievert per hour on the mud. It is said that "WATARI" area is one of the hotest spot of Fukushima city center area.
Measuring instrument is made of Ukraine, ECOTEST MKS-05.
Population of Fukushima city : 290,000.
This place has been reported in June 2012, by a NHK-ETV program, "What's going in rivers ? Networking, Fukushima Pollution Map"
85.03μSv/h 福島市渡利 阿武隈川への排水路泥 2012年6月23日, 川で何がおきているのか

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6/20/2012 Trouble brewing at the San Onofre nuclear power plant in CA

Date: Jun 20, 2012

Video Description
Paul Gunter, Beyond Nuclear joins Thom Hartmann. All is not well at the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant in California - where federal investigators have found major designs flaws in the plant. Just what kind of risk do these designs flaws pose - and could we be looking at a future nuclear disaster on the West Coast? And are our fish getting more and more radioactive? Should you bring a geiger counter to the restaurant or supermarket yet?

Editor's Note: Map of San Onofre Nuclear Generated Station below.

View Live Ustream Radiation Detectors in a larger map

6/19/2012 Reporter Bob Powell Reports on Mysterious Explosion in Michigan

Reporter Bob Powell who lives in Alpena, Michigan was arrested for attempting to interview the Executive Secretary at the Alpena Combat Readiness Training center whom he had called over the phone to inquire about the mysterious explosion which occurred at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, 6/6/2012.  The reply on Bob's answering machine is that they (the base) were not responsible for the blast and did not know what caused it.  As per Bob Powell he has done reporting from military bases before without ever being arrested or subject to harsh treatment/threats.

Reporter Detained/Arrested Investigating Mysterious Explosion 6/6/12 (Part 1 - Witness Redacted)

Reporter Detained/Arrested Investigating Mysterious Explosion That Rocked N.E. Mi On 6-6-12 (2 of 2)

Below is Bob Powell's insightful CNN iReport titled Nuclear Coverup In Michigan?
(quoted verbatim):
As far as what’s been going on in Michigan this past week, here is what I can prove so far.

1. There was a huge explosion that rocked hundreds of square miles of North East Michigan last Wednesday. Not only have scores of people posted about their experience on Facebook, but Terry Kins, the Undersheriff of Alpena County, gave me his own account face to face.

2. The Undersheriff said local law enforcement is at a loss to explain the origin of the explosion. Deputies were dispatched to investigate, but no source was ever found. I’ve spoken to every state and federal government agency that might have the slightest oversight of this issue, from N.O.A.A. and the US Geological Survey, to the State Police; but they have all told me that they have no idea what could have caused the blast.

3. The local news media has not said a single word about this explosion. One would think that an unexplained blast that rocked hundreds of square miles might be a subject of interest for reporters in a town where the biggest events to happen all year are the Brown Trout and Potato Festivals; but there has not been a peep from any of them.

4. Roughly an hour and 45 minutes after the explosion here in Alpena, a radiation spike was recorded at three separate facilities simultaneously along the Michigan and Indiana border. Normal background radiation at those stations is 5 to 6 Counts Per Minute, but these brief spikes peaked at over 7 THOUSAND Counts Per Minute; and then the instruments fell silent.

5. The EPA quickly took down the reading, but a quick thinking internet user was able to grab a screenshot first. The EPA blamed a “glitch” in the instruments, but I find it difficult to believe that instrument packs from three different networks – two privately owned and one government-run - failed simultaneously with the same glitch. In addition, a police officer from Chicago also reported a radiation spike on the instruments at the police lab there. So that is FOUR reputable sources that recorded a radiation spike last Wednesday.

6. There have been insane amounts of military activity in Michigan over the past week. According to one witness I spoke with at the Alpena County Courthouse last Wednesday, a flight of Apache gunships came in off of Lake Huron heading west at the time of the blast we heard here in Northeast Michigan. Down below near the Indiana border, Apache gunships, Black Hawks, Chinooks, A-10 Thunderbolts, and AC-130 Spectre Gunships have been photographed in the skies.

7. While not proof of anything sinister in itself, it is interesting to note that Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota is currently running a “Nuclear Containment Drill,” and a fleet of Department of Homeland Security Nuclear Emergency Response HazMat trucks has been reported to have left its normal campus where the vehicles have been parked, immobile, for years.

8. The military doesn’t seem to care about the concerns of the residents in Michigan. A message was left on my cell phone by the Alpena CRTC’s executive assistant denying any knowledge of the source of the blast. These people are supposed to be in charge of our national security, and the best answer they can come up with is “It wasn’t us?”

9. When I tried to get that statement on video, I was arrested the second I stepped on to the base. If I was just some nosy busybody, I could understand that; but I have credentials going back almost a quarter of a century. I’ve interviewed Congressmen, Senators, Governors, Presidential candidates. During Desert Storm, I was responsible for reporting from Peterson Air Force Base, the US Space Command, the 4th ID out of Ft. Carson, and NORAD for KVOR and the CBS Radio Network.

If I can interview spokesmen at those bases during a time of war the question has to be asked: Why the stonewalling now, in peacetime, at this tiny little base tucked away in the back woods of Northern Michigan?

1st report -
Update -

The only item I would take issue with is 4. as we do have conflicting information from Radiation Network.  As per Tim Flanegan who runs Radiation Network, the experienced operator whose station reported the 7K CPM (counts per minute) Geiger counter reading is positive his computer software and not the Geiger counter itself was responsible for misreporting the high 7K CPM reading.  Also the same Geiger counter is confirmed to have fed in to both Radiation Network and Black Cat Systems, which would give the false impression that two different stations in the same area corroborated elevated radiation. See 6/15/2012 Radiation Network Alerts Show They are POSITIVE South Bend, IN was a FALSE Detection for details.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

6/15/2012 Radiation Network Alerts Show They are POSITIVE South Bend, IN was a FALSE Detection

Source: RadiationNetwork Alerts
Date: 6/15/2012

I was checking the Radiation Network crowd-sourced national Geiger counter readings map and noticed that they had an update for the extraordinarily high South Bend, Indiana reading from 6/6/2012.  This did raise the alarm bell in the blogosphere.  Apparently the same Geiger counter station has now been confirmed to be hooked up to both Radiation Network and Black Cat Systems.  Therefore there was no second station in the area confirming the high reading as some speculated (it was the same station).  Below is the Radiation Network alert which I have cut and pasted with the details:

Postscript: 6/16/12, 10:50 A.M: - Radiation Alert from Indiana
You may notice that the South Bend, Indiana station that triggered the high Alert on June 6th is back online.  He plans to operate his station only while he is there to attend it, and has taken interim steps to improve the integrity of his system until he can build a dedicated setup just for the purpose of this radiation monitoring.  A few new facts:

bulletThere was no lightning storm at his location that evening.
bulletConfirmed that his monitoring station was feeding both the RadiationNetwork and the Black Cat Systems network simultaneously, using Virtual Serial Port Emulation software, which means there was no corroborating reading at the identical location from a different system, because the Black Cat reading was from the same Geiger counter.  As stated before, the Black Cat system uses a different unit of radiation measurement, and there is also a lag time built into their reporting.
bulletEven though the RadiationNetwork had disabled his connection, the operator's station continued to run locally, and he found after awakening that the Geiger counter itself was showing normal readings as indicated by the occasional frequency of its blinking red light!  It was the computer and software only that were registering high radiation levels
bulletThe Geiger counter was being supplied by A/C, not battery power, and it is the station operator's strong opinion that had the counter been running on a battery during the time of the incident, the alert would never have occurred.
I myself have limited knowledge in electronics, but this station operator is very experienced, and putting all of the above facts together, along with the makeup of his system, which involved a series of UPS backups in combination with GFCI outlet and serial connections, his best judgment is that a ground loop had developed and triggered the high radiation levels showing on the softwares that fed the radiation networks - a fluke in his particular hardware combination.
In conclusion, the station operator has worked diligently in troubleshooting the problem, and has taken interim and permanent steps to build strong integrity into his monitoring system.  He has been fully cooperative and responsive since the alert, and he has my full support.  He wishes to reiterate his deep apology for the concern his false alert caused.
For our part, we at the Radiation Network need a faster reacting system to end false alerts sooner, but only after we have reasonably determined that the alert is in fact false.  The genuine alerts stay - in keeping with our function as an early warning system.
One final note: Some media reports of this incident seemingly confused these two:

bulletRadiation Network - that's us, a privately owned and operated, citizen-based monitoring system, versus...
bulletRadNet, a Federal Government radiation monitoring system operated by the EPA.
Big difference in many ways.  You might review my assessment of "Radiation Monitoring by Government vs. Private Citizen", the 3/29/11 Update from the Archive2 page linked above.

For the older reports of the South Bend, Indiana reading see:
  1. 6/7/2012 The 7000 CPM reading from South Bend, Indiana was a FALSE alert, RadiationNews
  2. 6/7/2012 High Geiger counter readings from South Bend, Indiana 7000CPM highest, RadiationNews
Update: Tim Flanegan ( who runs Radiation Network was on the Jeff Rense radio show today to give his opinion on the South Bend, IN reading. He said he was 99% sure this was a false reading and that he did not have any comment one way or another on the military activity or loud boom noises heard near the Michigan border. Also of note is that high rainwater readings are often attributed to Radon washout. If the high reading goes away after a few hours or days it is probably Radon washout. If the high reading stays it is time to send the water sample to a lab for radionuclide isotope testing.

6/19/2012 Typhoon Slams Japan & Fukushima Update

Source: MsMilkytheclown
Date: 6/19/2012

Video Description
Typhoon Gychol Slams Japan A typhoon has roared through the main island of Japan, bringing heavy rain and strong winds to many areas.

NHK has learned that Typhoon Guchol left one person dead and 52 others injured as of 5 AM on Wednesday.


Get THIS! Japan says it did not use the united states airplane monitoring map early on giving reliable data because it says IT WAS ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR MONITORING THE GROUND! LEAVING THOUSANDS IN AREAS THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN EVACUATED.

Oh, here's another good one. Japan desperate to restore confidence in Japanese government by quickly implementing scientific data in their strategic planning. (LOL)

Thom Hartman and Kevin Kamps of discuss the San Onofre power plant and other nuclear stuff.

The Eneheadlines:

and a Great surprise ending....

Latest Headlines:

French gov't questions if Fukushima workers suffer 'acute radiation syndrome' — Take Tepco's denials with "great caution" (VIDEO)

Local official publishes post alluding to possible additional explosions/incidents at Fukushima Daiichi between March 15 to 21 last year

Zeolite may make sense for people in the Cascades (Northwestern US) exposed after Fukushima, but be careful -Gundersen (VIDEO)

Local Official: Visible hot mass floated in air and fell for hours after Reactor 3 exploded — "Top secret images" of black smoke falling — Diluted version may have reached Tokyo

Gundersen: People on US West Coast should have used iodine pills to protect from Fukushima radiation after 3/11 (VIDEO)

Report: Unburned MOX fuel containing plutonium was in mushroom-like cloud of black smoke when Reactor No. 3 exploded

NHK: Northeast Japan bracing for 180 km/h typhoon — City north of Fukushima evacuated, "coastal area sank" due to 3/11 quake — Up to 16 inches of rain forecast (VIDEO)

Good bet ALL bluefin tuna in Pacific are contaminated — Radiation levels thought to increase over time -Gundersen (VIDEO)

Gundersen on Fukushima Contamination in US: You need to be careful about what's on your feet, especially for West Coast — Other than that we can't run and we can't hide, it's everywhere (VIDEO)

Gundersen: "I think people are beginning to think maybe we can never dismantle these plants, maybe we just fill them with concrete and walk away" (VIDEO)

Tokyo Professor: Evidence of 'shattered zones' or active faults beneath soon-to-be-restarted Japan nuclear plant

Watch: 30-minute televised reactor roundtable — Host blasts financial, environmental aspects of nuclear power (VIDEO)

High Alert: "Very strong" typhoon forecast for Tohoku (Fukushima area) on Wednesday — Direct hit in June "very unusual"

"Worrisome Trend" Returns: Hydrogen levels spike 2.5 times over four days at Reactor No. 2

"Fatal Error": Japan given precise radiation levels from US gov't just after explosions — Officials kept data secret from public — Year of 'safe' radiation received in 8 hours

Nobel Prize Winner on NHK: "Only way to preserve human life is to completely turn away from nuclear power" (VIDEO)

M6.4 quake hits prefecture bordering Fukushima at 4:32p ET

"Saikado Hantai!" Cameraperson sobs while filming huge demonstration at Prime Minister's residence — "Please watch it! You will feel the power!" (VIDEO)

Expert in Japan: Fukushima "is one of the best things to ever happen to Japan" (VIDEO)

150 mph Super Typhoon Sets Aim at Japan: Fukushima near center of forecast track — "Expected to intensify" and already the highest category storm

Source: Local official "has not collected real black substances" — "He had only mixtures, not real substances" — Levels still reached over 5,000,000 Bq/kg

THIS JUST IN: Dear MsMilkytheclown,

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- The YouTube Team

6/19/2012 Powerful typhoon hits Japan, 150,000 ordered to evacuate

Source: The Japan Times
Date: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 JST
A powerful typhoon made landfall Tuesday for the first time this year in southern Wakayama Prefecture, western Japan, the Japan Meteorological Agency said, with evacuation orders issued for more than 150,000 people in central, eastern and northeastern Japan.
Read the rest here

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  1. A very strong typhoon 04 is hitting Fukushima on 6/20/2012, Mochizuki, Fukushima Diary
  2. [Now] Typhoon 04 is hitting Fukushima, Mochizuki, Fukushima Diary

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BYOG: Bring Your Own Geiger counter and Hazmat gear

Source: End The Lie
by: Christina Consolo

It has been 6 weeks since I wrote my first piece for End the Lie about the potential Fukushima reactor number four end of the world scenario. Numerous nuclear experts, ambassadors, former Fukushima Daiichi workers, and senator Ron Wyden of Oregon have warned about as well. And still, no progress to report.
Read the rest here

6/17/2012 REVIEW: "radioactivity counter" - geiger counter app for smartphone

Source: Bionerd23
Date: 6/17/2012 upload Date

Video Description
app price: 3,50 EUR = $5 USD - starts with software review; 
radiation readings from 08:45; summary from 14:00.

homepage for app:

why detecting minor amounts of radiation in food does not even work with a proper geiger counter:

thanks to everybody who used the paypal donation button on my channel page to help me finance this and future projects! ;)

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6/15/2012 Iran's nuclear negotiator to RT: We're strongly against weapons of mass destruction

Source: Russia Today
Date: 6/15/2012 upload date

Video Description
Full script of interview:

The international community turns a blind eye on Iran being discriminated and terrorized over its peaceful nuclear program while demanding that Tehran live under the rule of international law, accuses Iran's top nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili.

Ahead of a new round of negotiations on Iranian nuclear program in Moscow, the member of the Iran's Supreme National Security Council shared with RT that Tehran expects that Iran's right to nuclear technology, including uranium enrichment, will be recognized and respected.­

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RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios.

6/15/2012 Breaking: Massive Nuclear Secret Uncovered In Austin, Tx

Source: Infowars
Date: 6/14/2012

The Infowars crew investigates a nuclear secret buried in Austin, Texas. A nuclear reactor started in the 60s is hidden beneath the monolith of the LBJ Library on the University of Texas campus, even as the nearby J.J. Pickle Research Center admittedly runs two research reactors. Meanwhile, nuclear waste is said to be dumped and sealed in limestone caves located in what was once the outskirts of Austin, according to an inside source.

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6/11/2012 Flame and Stuxnet makers 'co-operated' on code

Source: BBC News
Date: 11 June 2012 14:30
by: Dave Lee
Source code was shared between the teams making the malware attacks, researchers said
Teams responsible for the Flame and Stuxnet cyber-attacks worked together in the early stages of each threat's development, researchers have said.

Flame, revealed last month, attacked targets in Iran, as did Stuxnet which was discovered in 2010.

Kaspersky Lab said they co-operated "at least once" to share source code.

"What we have found is very strong evidence that Stuxnet/Duqu and Flame cyber-weapons are connected," Kaspersky said.
Read full article here

See also:
  1. Computer Experts Discover Flame and Stuxnet Related, Kurt Nimmo, Infowars
  2. Newly identified computer virus, used for spying, is 20 times size of Stuxnet, , Washington Post
  3. New Big Brother Cyber Weapon Can Turn on Your Computer’s Microphone, Take Screen Shots, Copy Data, Record Communications, Mac Slavo,

6/9/2012 Two Hour Fukushima Special on Coast to Coast AM

Source: Coast to Coast AM via BoomDaddy03
Date: 6/9/2012

This blockbuster interview has guests Arnie Gundersen, David Blume, Dr. John Apsley, Theresa Dale. 

See the show description here.

6/12/2012 Report: Iran designing nuclear submarine

Source: YNET News
Date: 06.12.12, 13:45
Iran's 'Younus' (Photo: Reuters)
Tehran's semiofficial news agency quotes high-ranking naval official as saying country has launched project's 'initial stages' 

Iran has begun to design its first nuclear submarine, the Islamic Republic's semiofficial news agency Fars reported on Tuesday.
Read the rest here

6/12/2012 Iran confirms agreement on nuclear talks content

Source: AFP
Date: 6/12/2012
Iran's Russian-built Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant   Photo By Majid Asgaripour/AFP/Mehr News/File 8 hrs ago
Iran's top nuclear negotiator on Tuesday confirmed an agreement had been struck with the EU official representing world powers negotiating with Tehran on the content of upcoming talks in Moscow.
Read the rest here

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6/9/2012 Fukushima Update by Conrad Miller, MD

Source: conradmillermd via ENENews
Date: 6/9/2012
by: Dr. Conrad Miller, MD

Video Description
June 9 2012 - as the Fukushima radiation/debris carries west across the Pacific Ocean, radionuclide-intensely-contaminated Fukushima rivers daily rushing into the ocean, the media sleeps on the danger of the radiation. Fish contaminated with cesium are now being caught off of San Diego. Maps re currents help U understand what is going on: Danger California, Oregon, all points west of Fukushima especially!! Check the oceanic 'gyres' or currents.

6/8/2012 Is Money Wasted on Nuclear Weapons Being Driven by Lobbyists?

Source: AllGov
Date: Friday, June 08, 2012
by: Rep. Buck McKeon

Rep. Buck McKeon

Twenty years since the end of the Cold War, the United States spends $31 billion a year on its nuclear arsenal. This costly commitment continues to this day largely because companies that make such weapons spend millions of dollars lobbying key members of Congress.
Nuclear weapons makers have donated more than $18 million to current, key members of Congress by employees of corporations that support the U.S. nuclear weapons program, according to a report from the Center for International Policy.
Read full article here

6/10/2012 The real reason for America’s Southeast Asian projection (radiation of northern hemisphere)

Source: The Information Underground via Infowars
Date: 6/10/2012
by: Wayne Madsen

WMR’s Asian intelligence sources report another, morfe ominous, aspect to the decision of Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to move 60 percent of U.S. naval forces to the Pacific region. Panetta announced in a speech at the Shangri-La Dialogue defense conference in Singapore that most of the Navy’s littoral combat ships, submarines, cruisers, and destroyers will be deployed in the Pacific. In addition, new U.S. Marine bases are being established in Australia. Panetta, according to our sources, has also been negotiating with leaders of Singapore, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Thailand the establishment of new U.S. military bases or the re-opening of former bases from the Cold War era. The latter include Subic Bay in the Philippines, U-Tapao airbase in Thailand, and Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam.

Read full article here

Saturday, June 9, 2012

6/5/2012 Fukushima Radiation Hitting the Streets of LA

Source: Activist Post
by: Dr. Mark Sircus
Dees Illustration

Right after Chernobyl blew its top, Edward Teller said on the ABC Evening News in late April 1986, “The chances of a real calamity at a nuclear power station are infinitesimally small. But should it happen, the consequences are impossible to imagine.” The plume from the burning graphite at Chernobyl initially traveled in a northwest direction toward Sweden, Finland and Eastern Europe, exposing the public to levels up to 100 times the normal background radiation.

Read the rest here

Friday, June 8, 2012

6/7/2012 Iranian Covert War: Where Is The Line Drawn?

Source: Media Roots
Date: June 7th, 2012
by: Robbie Martin
 MEDIA ROOTS — During an episode of Media Roots Radio last year, Abby and I speculated on who might be behind the infamous 'stuxnet' virus, a sophisticated piece of computer malware designed to interfere with Iran's uranium enrichment process.  We guessed that it was perhaps the United States and Israel working in concert on a covert warfare effort with the shared goal of derailing any potentiality of Iran producing a nuclear bomb.
Well, it turns out that our assertions were correct. The United States and Israel essentially came out swinging, bragging about the success of this covert and highly sophisticated act of cyber terror against Iran.
Read full article here

Thursday, June 7, 2012

6/7/2012 The 7000 CPM reading from South Bend, Indiana was a FALSE alert

Date: 6/7/2012 7:45 AM

As per the Alert section in the 7000 CPM reading from South Bend, Indiana was probably due to equipment failure and has been flagged as false with an apology:

Update: 6/7/12, 7:45 A.M: - False Alert:  The alert level reading last evening appears to be a false alert from an equipment malfunction.  Here is the station's report:
"out of control readings on the GeigerGraph screen from about 11:30pm local time that occurred while sleeping. My apologies to all. I have no idea what caused this. Shut down GeigerGraph and restarted. Readings from the Geiger were in the normal range (the Geiger operates on A/C). All cable connections are tight and not loose. Am speculating between the GFI and USB Adapter and some sort of voltage spikes. The uninterruptable power supply UPS had lost power and had died - a tripped GFI. I am not going to leave the system running while not at home until I can determine and fix the problem."
By the way, a handful of stations on the Radiation Network feed simultaneously to the Black Cat Systems network, which explains why a high reading was showing on their network at the same time.  But Black Cat works in uR/hr instead of CPM, so their radiation level was lower because of the conversion factor between units of measurement.
Update: 6/6/12, 11:55 P.M. - Very high reading in South Bend, IN station this evening.   Reason unknown.  Station unresponsive to contact at this late hour.  Since this same station has triggered the Alert system before, which Alerts may have been false, and because his current readings do not appear to be corroborated by nearby stations, we have disabled his station for the time being.  Will report back when we know more.

Also note from the highlight above that some of the Geiger counters in also feed in to
Following is the original article with the alert where it is not known if the reading is legitimate or not: 6/7/2012 High Geiger counter readings from South Bend, Indiana 7000CPM highest.

6/7/2012 High Geiger counter readings from South Bend, Indiana 7000CPM highest

Source(s): ichicax4, dutchsince
Date: 6/7/2012 about midnight or 1 AM CST

Concerned citizen ichicax4 made a call to the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) based on an astonishingly high reading from the South Bend, Indiana Geiger counter from, which collects and reports radiation readings from individuals who own Geiger counters and choose to share their readings over the Internet.  Quoting the monitoring network itself from the Alerts section:

Update: 6/6/12, 11:55 P.M. - Very high reading in South Bend, IN station this evening.   Reason unknown.  Station unresponsive to contact at this late hour.  Since this same station has triggered the Alert system before, which Alerts may have been false, and because his current readings do not appear to be corroborated by nearby stations, we have disabled his station for the time being.  Will report back when we know more.

Here is the video from ichicax4 with screen grabs of and a record of her call to the NRC. This took place at approximately 1AM per the video and readings as high as 7000CPM were observed from South Bend, Indiana monitoring station:

Video Description
At time of upload station is reading 7,000 cpm again 1:10 am.

@2:00 am numbers dropped to normal and then went up to 300's...Black Cat is reading hign too in tandem...if this IS a plume this is not from Fuku, it would have set off other detectors west of there from the wind direction in the days prior. This is either a malfunction, or this is a local plant or local event. My next guess would be check military installations in area for activity as well. It should start setting off detectors south/southeast in the next few hours, if its real. I will be calling the NRC back in the a.m. There are several other nuke plants N/NW/W that need to be checked too if it continues.

Anyone local with a geiger please post readings.

Radiation Network:

Black Cat:

How close do you live to a nuke plant?



NRC Event Notification page:

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

6/5/2012 Treating Radiation Sickness from Fukushima with Dr. Theresa Dale

Source: Infowars
Date: 6/5/2012
by: John B. Wells and Dr. Theresa Dale
Video Description
Noted radio and television host John B. Wells guest hosts the Alex Jones Show today, Tuesday, June 5. Alex co-hosts today's show from the road via video Skype as he works his way back to Texas from the 2012 Bilderberg confab in Virginia. Wells is heard on radio and television stations throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, South Africa, Australia, and South America, and is one of the world's most recognized voice artists. He talks with Theresa Dale, Ph.D., about the effects of Fukushima radiation.!/RealAlexJones
[Check out Alex's New Social Network-'Planet Infowars' 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

6/1/2012 Japan’s Nuclear Industry: The CIA Link

Source: Japan Realtime
Date: June 1, 2012, 10:18 AM JST
by: Eleanor Warnock
Bloomberg News
In the 15 months since the crisis at Fukushima Daiichi, Japan’s relationship with nuclear power has changed dramatically.

Once the world’s third-largest producer of nuclear energy, the country faces the prospect of electricity shortages this summer as all 50 of its plants remain offline. Restarting reactors — a step the government says is necessary to support the economy — is proving to be politically tricky as a skeptical public questions the safety of atomic energy.

Rewind almost 60 years and the government had a similar problem: how to persuade the public to support its ambition to become a nuclear nation only nine years after the U.S. dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
Read full article here

5/29/2012 Should We Hide Low-Dose Radiation Exposures From The Public?

Source: Forbes
Date: 5/29/2012 @ 1:59PM
by: Jeff McMahon

When fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster began appearing last Spring in U.S. air, rainwater, drinking water, and milk, many U.S. media outlets ignored the story.

It was a difficult story to cover. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was releasing raw data erratically, sometimes late on Friday afternoons, and reporters either had to possess radiation expertise or take a crash course in picocuries, millisieverts, MCLs and DILs. 
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Ruriko Sakuma, daughter of dairy farmer Shinji Sakuma, rubs a cow at their farm in the village of Katsurao in Fukushima prefecture, 25 kms west of the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant on May 3, 2011 after returning to feed their livestock from a shelter in Fukushima City. (Image credit: AFP/Getty Images via @daylife)


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4/6/2011The Intel HubFukushima Daiichi Radioactive Seawater Model, Spent Fuel Rods DID Explode Into Atmosphere
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4/5/2011 14:02Activist PostAmerica and EU Agree: Raise Radiation Levels for Food
4/5/2011 14:02Financial TimesTepco seals leak at nuclear plant
4/5/2011The New York TimesU.S. Sees Array of New Threats at Japan’s Nuclear Plant
4/5/2011The Economic TimesImported food items from Japan banned due to radiation fears
4/5/2011 5:58 AMBusiness InsiderJapan Finds Toxic Fish, As Ocean Radiation Soars To 7.5 Million Times Legal Limit
4/5/2011Kyodo News11,500 TONS of radioctive water dumped in to ocean by TEPCO
4/4/2011Prisonplanet.comUNBELIEVABLE: Fukushima Workers Trying To Plug Radiation Leaks With Bits Of Newspaper, Garbage Bags, Diaper Like Material
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